Want to keep a healthy heart? Try these foods

Some food items out there have a good impact on your heart health. And since the heart is arguably ‘the’ most important organ in our body, it is important to consume these food items and keep our blood pump ticking.

  • Herbs: One thing that contributes mostly to the bad health of heart is sodium. It is found abundantly in salt and to cut on this, one should give other flavors a try. Herbs such as pepper, garlic and lemon could do what salt does and at the same time, avoid the intake of too much sodium.
  • Nuts: The presence of unsaturated fat and fibres bring nuts into this list. This is according to the Harvard school of public school so that the inclusion is scientifically backed up. Tree nuts in particular can be consumed.
  • Beans: Beans are low in fat and also packed with proteins. The high fiber content also helps to reduce the cholesterol levels.

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