Woman labelled ‘Weird Freak’ for ordering food for her child

A woman who ordered a child-sized omelette for her 11-month child at the Weetons Café in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, was labelled as ‘Weird Freak’ in the receipt.

‘She ordered a breakfast for herself and a smaller omelette for our 11-month-old because he’s just started eating lots of different things. The girl at the till said why don’t you just order a normal omelette and she explained that he wouldn’t eat it all so could she just have a smaller portion.’ Said Steve, a scientist from Harrogate and the husband of the woman noted.

The woman then noticed the staff giggling seeing the receipt and asked for a copy of the receipt in which she noticed that it was written ‘Weird Freak’. The store manager apologised to the woman and mentioned that the staff would be dealt internally.