Women’s Day Recipes for the special women of the world.

For those of you that weren’t aware of this, 8th March is Internationals Women’s Day. We at the CookBook team would like to wish all the women out there, all over the world who make all our lives special, beautiful and meaningful in more ways that we can imagine, Thank you for being amazing, and enjoy this day. This day is dedicated to you (if you’re a woman that is). Well now that we have our appreciation towards women out of the way (a cheeky smile) let’s talk about some of the food recipes that we could make for that special woman in our life to make them feel a little more special. Here are some of our top picks that you could try cooking, Bonne chance!

Chocolate Covered Toasted Fortune Cookies- When we go for Chinese meals, take outs whatever, we are always fighting over the fortune cookies, maybe even ask for an extra one sometime. Its time to stop fighting for them because we now have this new amazing recipe that will make you crave and want these every time too. These are some home made chocolate covered toasted fortune cookies. Whoa!! Hold on!! Yes you read it right, chocolate covered fortune cookies, now that are something to try aint it. Well give it a go, put a sweet message in them and tell us how these sweet cookies taste.chocolate fortune cookies

Crêpes with Ham, Swiss cheese and Asparagus Variation A great way to start the day is by some breakfast, well how about an awesome brekkie in the form of some savory crêpes. Put together some crêpes toss in some ham, Swiss cheese and some asparagus and Viola you have a great looking, tasting and a gourmet recipe to serve. Creps are an all time classic, you can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner its never going to go out of style, so easy to make too



4 Ingredient Bacon Ranch Chicken Bake The name of the recipe gives it all away, but we are still obviously going to elaborate on it. This recipe is so easy and simple to make and it is pretty tasty too. Chicken is an all time favorite and who cannot like the flavors and taste of bacon, ranch and cheese. This recipe is do darn easy to cook it and its ridiculously tasty too, this recipe is going to make you making this more than just once. Get on cracking with it then!


Easy Pork Chops with Sweet & Sour Gaze –These pork chops are going to be pretty deliciously epic, and their epicenes doesn’t stop there, they are so easy to make to that they can me made in under 20 mins, from start to finish. Most of these ingredients are found in the common kitchen so you shouldn’t have any trouble planning ahead to cook this, maybe just some motivation, but you will not be disappointed. This recipe is for all those meat lovers who just want to cook and eat quickly.


30 Minute Chocolate Cake for Two – I don’t know what the media tells you about diamonds being a woman’s best friend, I truly believe that Chocolate is a woman’s best friend, and it’s an even better friend if it’s a chocolate cake. This recipe is another one of those cakes in a cup recipes but it actually tastes like a cake straight from the oven. It is a perfect cake recipe for two people and its equally delicious and easy to make too. Pair it with some milk and you have a great combination of simple deserts.


Butter Milk Banana Bread-  Bananna Bread is supposed to be moist and delicious to be deemed a classic recipe. Well this recipe is exactly that and more. Don’t be fooled by the hashtag of bread, it doesn’t have any yeast to it, but its more like a cake like recipe. We have just come across some banana bread that has been toasted too, which was quite intriguing and we promise to try some and tell you how that turned out. Well for now use this recipe and let us know if it was any good.




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