Why did we make the Cook Book?

Father and daughter cooking recipes

Cooking has been a passion for millions of foodies across the world since the beginning of time. But they’ve always had 3 major challenges in following their passion.

  1. Finding new and exciting recipes
    Discovering trendy yet delicious recipes has always been a very difficult thing to do; and even if you do find something nice, how do you know if you would like the taste?
  2. Making delicious food with available ingredients
    This happens to be one of pain for a lot of us. You stumble upon this really cool recipe but don’t have the necessary ingredients to actually make it. Imagine a situation where you’re told the best recipe that you can make with the stuff lying around in your fridge. Cool right?
  3. Getting global recipes in local language
    This one is not all that common when compared to the first two. If you love experimenting with delicacies from across the world, like Japanese, Italian, French, Arabic, Indian and so on, it can sometimes be a pain to find good recipes in a language that you can understand.

We set out to make Cook Book for 2 reasons; one :- we were GEEKS. two :- we love FOOD. 🙂 Using our Relational Intelligence algorithms we created an app that can identify your tastes and cater the best recipes from across the world to you; that too across a plethora of languages! You’ll never be stuck with lack of choice as we’ve a pool of over 6 Million recipes from almost every country on the planet.

Feel free to take our free android app for a spin. Download it from Google Play at Cook Book : Free Recipes. We’re quite sure you wont be able to resist the urge to cook! 😀

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