Me and my friends started Riafy in 2012 coz we loved RIA— an algorithm that could learn what you wanted and subsequently get it for you. Most people felt RIA was magical; it was ‘worthless’ for this very reason. They just refused to believe in it.

The most valuable thing we’ve realised in the last 2 years at Riafy is that people believe in tangibles; and not magic. Numbers drive belief. Numbers like user-base, life time value, revenue, market size and so on. If you get these numbers right, they will reach out to know how you got them. That’s when you should be talking about your ‘magic tricks’.

We started making recipe apps coz we wanted to get our numbers right. There were lots of recipe apps on Google Play; but only a handful of them had cracked the 1Million downloads mark. This meant that the competition was real tough. We had to come up with something compelling to get foodies to install our app. So we brought RIA to cooking. With RIA we would give people recipes to food they loved to eat. A simple use case — that’s whatSijo would call it.

Somewhere in between the last 7 months of making recipe apps, we fell in love again; this time with making people happy. Our simple recipe apps were making them smile. 11 year old kids to 90 year old grand parents were discovering the joy of cooking. From a little girl who baked a chocolate cake for her parents’ anniversary to an Italian guy making Chinese to his Asian girlfriend, we were being a silent part of lots of happy moments.

To all those who have been asking why we make recipe apps— we make them coz we can touch the hearts of people we could’ve never touched otherwise. Recipes are like commodity; a lot of folks have it. But, we want to make them more than just commodity. We want to INSPIRE people to cook something delicious for their loved ones, and in turn be a part of their happiness.

Spread the joy; Cook something tonight — at least an omelette.

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