Halloween Special – Spooky & Delicious


As the minute hand crosses the 12pm line into the 31st of October, it marks the beginning of the spookiest festival of the year; Halloween

Halloween is a symbol for a cornucopia of activities that are mainly associated with the jack-o-lantern (Glowing Freaky carved pumpkin faces outside doorsteps), kids walking down neighbourhoods dressed in scary outfits trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, drinking loads of punch, visiting haunted houses, lots of other shenanigans involving elements of dark aesthetics and MOST IMPORTANTLY, SCARY LOOKING FOOD AND I MEAN SERIOUSLY SPOOKY.


Nevertheless Halloween has got to be one of the most fun festivals to come around during the month of October (besides the Beer drinkers dream: Oktoberfest and the Indian festival of lights: Diwali).

My first experience of Halloween as I can clearly remember was when I was 18 in Dayton, Ohio dressed in a super devil costume, and to be honest I was surprised to see people dressed up in costumes eating gross and scary looking chocolate, sweets and candies looking closely like characters of a Tim Burton movie. Honestly I was completely buoyed by the effort a person put into making those gorgeously ugly looking goodies for folks to eat and that is something that still sticks with me till today. Obviously the Halloween parties were amazing, but some of the Halloween themed food and sweets that were dished out were amazing. We at the CookBook have put together a list of recipes, from alien urine to sausage mummies and worms to eyeball pastas, that not only look spooky, but at the same time taste deliciously great. 


Reflecting upon the Halloween experience I have to say that food is definitely a big part of the celebration and it completely enhancing the whole Halloween experiences beyond costume parties and trick-or-treating. So why don’t you trick yourself into making a treat and add that element of Scary, spooky surprises for this Halloween.

Get on the CookBook app and try some of the recipes that we have in store for you and make this Halloween a bloodcurdling one (I hear witches laughing in the background!!).


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