Bless thy Recipes! #ThanksGiving

If there is one time that we all look forward to having some cold turkey is when the fridge has some of that wonderful turkey leftover from Thanksgiving.

We enjoy every bit of those morsel of leftovers as much as the actual meal (sometimes even more) because it arouses a sense of nostalgia from the day itself, the moments of joy, feeling of being overly stuffed (like a turkey obviously) that we shared with our friends, family and close ones.


I remember my first Thanksgiving experience in the US and I honestly didn’t know what to expect. All I knew at that moment was that I should expect a feast fit for a king. Well, I wasn’t disappointed! We stated off with pleasantries of a few drinks, crisps and dip. Nothing too fancy, but I was told to save my self, and so I did for what awaited me. The table was laid, the knives sharpened and my jaw dropped to the floor when the whole course was spread in front of me. The sheer variety of food that lay in front of me was too much for me to take in the first glance itself. I had to ask maybe couple of times or more as to what exactly I was eating. It didn’t matter what I was eating actually because it all tasted bloody brilliant. I remember my aunt making this Indian tandoori spiced turkey which was just divine. I was always under the impression that that a turkey was supposed to be eaten whole, but she was way ahead of her times and cooked the turkey in bits so as to give the meat better consistency and flavor and WOW it was intense, and then there was the cranberry chutney to top it with.  Just thinking of it makes my stomach rumble. Of course there were seconds, a massive break and then thirds. But it was well worth it.


Thanksgiving evokes a sense of grandiosity and epic-ness that are related with food because it has everything that we need turkey, potato, carrots, breadcrumbs, cranberry chutney, stuffing, groovy gravy, ham, salad, sauce, bread and most of all for that sweet tooth delicious deserts.  It has got to be my most looking forward to meal of the year, and what a long wait it is, but it never disappoints. 

This year I am definitely in the mood to celebrate Thanksgiving!  What I am going to add to my feast is Honey maple roast carrots, mashed white potato and sweet potato mashup, Asparagus wrapped in bacon with rosemary, Zucchini Parmesan Buttermilk Biscuits, Toasted coconut green beans, spinach artichoke dip and to top it of the big daddy, Tandoori spiced Turkey! Oh and I almost forgot deserts, well that story is for another day.


My menu is ready what about yours? Get on the thecookbook app to discover some novel recipes and start planning now!

Happy Thanks Giving from the Cookbook app team! 



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