Top 10 Christmas Recipes this December

Check out some of our recommended Christmas recipes for your Christmas dinner. From Garlic Prime Ribs to Banana bread let us help you make your life a little easier and delicious this Christmas.

Garlic Prime Ribs
There is nothing that truly gets the taste buds tingling other than the perfectly cooked prime rib, with the perfect crust and the garlic aftertaste. Traditionally, prime ribs are an American classic for Christmas dinners, and so its traditionally popular.

Oatmeal Apple Cookies
Cookies, Oatmeal and Apples, Hmm! Sounds good as it is. Oatmeal is healthy and an apple a day keeps the doc away, that in the form of a cookie makes it an instant hit.

Cheesecake Cups
These wonderful bites sized delights are bound to be a hit at your Christmas dinner this year. People love Cheesecakes, now eating that in bite sized pieces just makes it twice as interesting.

Banana Bread
This is a Classic Recipe that never goes out of style. Just hide it from the minions.
Bananna Bread is healthy, filling and tasty and is a fitness freaks delight and most other Americans too.

Strawberry Glazed Ham
Glazed Ham is the best way to win hearts on the table and a great addition for the Christmas dinner too. Ham or Yule ham is a traditional ham dish associated with modern Christmas and so it makes it on our list.

Super Easy Eggplant Parmesan
The Great Italian Comfort food, is easy to make and is popular my quite a distance. Eggplants are healthy and the vegetarians also need to eat on Christmas so get going and cook some of this for the season.

Herb Roasted Sweet Potato
Sweet Potatoes are healthy and well sweet, so why not roast them to give them that crunchy factor and add some character by adding in some salt and herbs. Sweet Potatoes are taking over from normal potatoes slowly as a healthier option, so why not give it a go.

Spinach, Bacon and Mushroom Quiche
A good solution for any meal is a crisp pastry case filled in with some creamy ingredients, and you will have it ready in a snap! It just so easy to make and so tasty to eat that you cannot give it a go, perfect for any occasion.

Healthy Bean Soup with Kale
This healthy soup is perfect for those warm chilly nights, and did we already mentions Healthy?? It is the perfect way to start the meal, and it always hits the spot, a good conversation starter for sure.

Roasted and Caramelized Parsnip and Carrots
These two veggies are in season during this time of the year, and its always amazing to eat fresh vegetables and good to have on the table. Vegies on the table are always a must, and so we choose this one for the season, and we believe rightly so.



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