Top 5 Cocktails to make this Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and we are all busy making last minute preparations for those Christmas parities, Secret Santa gifts, Christmas meals, Christmas jumper and so on and so forth. This added pressure makes the mind nimble. So to get your creative juices flowing, firm up your brain and build on the anticipation for the Christmas meal here are some Christmas Cocktails that will humble any persons soul and get you feeling all warm, fuzzy and festive on the inside.

Buttered Rum Cocktail Recipe

Very Rich Hot Buttered Rum

Really Chocolaty Hot Chocolate and Rum. OH and don’t forget to add the marshmallows.

Cranberry Bourbon Fizz
Taste cranberries in a new light this festive season, Cranberry Bourbon Fizz is a light and luscious cocktail great for your festivities.

Baileys Irish Cream (on the rocks or as it is)
Creamy delight, have it on the rocks, or pour it in your coffee and let the magic of Baileys it do the rest

Sugar & Spiced white Russians
A combination of sugary spiced and cinnamon is bound to kick up the feeling of holiday nostalgia, but so will the White Russian.

Cranberry & Rosemary White Sangria
This is such a summer drink, but it adds the Christmas feel and is perfect for winter by just adding apples, cranberries and rosemary to the mix and Viola!



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