Some Veganism to your daily culinary experience

I once remember being amidst a group of Vegans at a time when I had not encountered veganism before and going like what the heck is this thing that they are talking about. Obviously I got explained what being a vegan was all about and honestly it took me a while to digest the whole concept but once it completely registered it was easy to see why people choose to be vegans. Being a vegan is a lifestyle choice but it also comes with additional health benefits. Vegans have the benefit of having minimum amounts of saturated fats in their food in addition to having a high fiber, high protein and a high carb diet. Vegans also seem to be relatively healthier because the food they eat has properties that reduce the cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and they also have the ability to make delicious food (well that is obviously why I am writing this). I have to say encountering vegan food was one of the strongest highlights of my culinary experience and I have made a New Year Resolution (I hope to follow it) to eat more vegan food and stay healthy and happy. Here are some of my favorite vegan recipes that you should try if your not fussy about these things.

Avocado Pasta

This recipe is very easy to make, and you will not believe how something so creamy can actually have no cream or butter in it. The recipe compromises of totally fresh ingredients and it is also a quick fix meal that is bound you making it again and again. Pasta and/or spaghetti are a great source of carbohydrates and avocados are packed with antioxidants, potassium and fiber, they also assist in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Creamy pasta is what we all like to eat anyways, why not go the avocado way?

Moroccan Styled Vegetable + Chickpea Stew

Vegetables are a vegan’s chef’s best friends, and so are Chickpeas as they are high in fiber and are a good substitute for proteins found in eggs.  This recipe is inspired by the combination of the two in a Moroccan themed stew. Add some sweet potatoes into the mix and you have a wholesome meal that is ready to rock your nutritional requirements. The stew can be eaten with your choice of rice or bread and it is equally filling without either too. A great recipe for all occasions with a bit of sweet and a bit of spicy which is totally gluten free. 

Baked Tofu Banh Mi

This Vietnamese inspired fusion sandwich is just so delicious that the effort that you make into putting it together is totally worth it, just ask US. Tofu is ever present in Vietnamese cuisine as well as a good substitute for cottage cheese in vegan food. This is a fusion based cuisine is totally an invention of the American cultural diversity and it is something that is a must try for every sandwich lover. The recipe is so unique and fulfilling that you should just not give it a miss. Pack it for breakfast, or lunch or just a light dinner you can never go wrong with this sandwich meal.

Smoky Black Bean Chilli

Black Bean are one of the healthiest legumes out there, they not only taste good with rice, but also go extremely well in combination with soups, salads and curries. This soup recipe is quite easy to make and extremely healthy at the same time. Black Beans have immense quantities of carbs, proteins and fiber content. Additionally they also have properties that help in calorie control too, which means that you can eat more without putting on too many calories.  We also believe that any food that has some alcohol in it has to taste good and so this recipe makes it on our list because it has some beer in it (you can smile).

Quinoa and Veggie collard wraps

Wraps are just another rendition of sandwiches, but in the form of wraps or rolls. Well this recipe is a healthier version of a wrap because instead of having a tortilla we are using collards, and well collards are really good on fiber, vitamins proteins and its green. Quinoa on the other hand is a super grain packed with fiber, proteins, iron and magnesium. Add in some chickpeas humus and avocados to the wrap and this is a power packed nutrient filled lunch, which takes less than 5 minutes to wrap up. Well not too bad for something this delicious.

Smashed Beet Crostini

This is one appetizer that I remember having at a Winter Solstice party with some friends. I was never a beetroot fan but after eating this I instantly became one. This recipe is such a great party dish that caters to everyone and it’s on a toast, which can never go wrong. Beetroot is extremely healthy and you also have chickpeas added this recipe to give it that added crunch and character. This scrumptious recipe is going to make your guests scrambling for more.

Vegan Nut Roast

 If you have ever been to England and know about their Sunday roast culture or had a Sunday roast once you are bound to be captivated by how awesome that meal is. Well I tried this amazing recipe at a local pub in England once and I had to instantly pay my compliments to the chef because I had never tasted anything like that in my life. A vegan Sunday roast that comprised of a Nut Roast was just an immense experience and it is so full of good stuff that after a long Saturday night of staying out with friends nothing seems to hit the spot better. This recipe is so healthy and delicious that once you try is you are bound to make it into a regular comfort food dish. My guarantee!

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