Valentine’s Day Special Recipes

14th of February is a day where we all hope that Mr Cupid gets us all stupidly in love and have a romantic day with our loved one. Some of us hate this day for being all mushy and a money making scheme for companies, others love it for being that all encompassing day of love to make us feel jolly good about being with our significant other.

However, we at the cook book team are dedicated to our food (well duh!) and find any and every occasion as an opportunity to find and share new recipes, and love too when its needed the most. We would like to take this opportunity for all those that have a sweet tooth and have a taste for a little Valentines Day joyness. Here we are going to give you five easy recipes that you can make, try and share. Be warned you might just fall in love ☺

Easy Valentine Days Cookies

Ok we have all eaten Wafer Cookies as kids and we have all loved them to bits, but for some reason this fascination tends to wear off as we grow older. Well guess what this recipe is bound to bring the love back for wafer cookies and also add that extra oomph that goes with it. This recipe is so easy to make and it can be done very last minute too. You might just end up making them for a whole lot of occasions.

Pink Chocolate Berry Oreos

This recipe is quite similar to the one above with a slight variation to it. It’s got OREOS involved. I have tried to figure out what’s the magic of Oreos is but it seems to taste amazing with a lot of different combinations but also most people seem to love them. This recipe is again very easy to make, and we are sure your going to love them more than your significant other (oops). So get on cracking with it.

Strawberry Brownie Kabobs

This next recipe is a BBQ recipe and it has a classic skewer styled theme to it. It’s just something fun to do and it’s bound to get someone excited with the presentation. If you love Brownies, Strawberries and Marshmallows this is the perfect combination for a sweet treat and it is actually pretty straight forward to make and they look so cute is going to get you some brownie points for sure.

Deviled Hearts

This is recipe is really a devils heart, because you scoop out the center of the strawberry and fill it with some creamy cheesecake filling in the center. Yumm!! This recipe takes less that 15 minutes to make, and it is quite healthy as well considering you’re cutting out on all other ingredients that make it a bit more fattening. This recipe is such a perfect cheesecake substitute minus the effort that goes into making a cheesecake. You’re going to be amazed at how delicious this tastes.

Sweet Rice Krispie Treats

Attention to all you Rice Krispie Lovers out there, Attention! These home made rice krispie treats with marshmallows are a joy to make and a pleasure to eat as well. Rice Krispies aren’t really that unhealthy (atleast that’s what I like to tell myself) but they are an instant hit with a bunch of people that like to keep it light but at the same time get their fix for their sweet tooth. Just make them heart shaped, wrap them up cutely and Viola! You have a special Valentines Day treat for anyone and everyone. Looks like a win-win situation.

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