Gluten Free Recipes


Well we have all come across Gluten free food sometime in our lives. Sometimes we appreciate it sometimes we are a bit put off by the fact that it is gluten free and don’t necessarily appreciate it as much. It is quite surprising that gluten free food is actually not that out of the box when it comes to taste and it is actually quite simple to make. You have to be quite careful of the ingredients that you use, but it is still doable and quite easy, you just have to be a bit creative. Obviously you have to have celiac disease to have to stick to gluten free diet, but for those that have chosen to adapt to gluten free diet have experienced some additional health benefits because it usually involves cutting out on carbs, eating more veggies, beans, legumes, fruits, nuts and staying fit. We scanned the internet to search from some universally not so gluten free recipes and give them that gluten free twist so even if you don’t necessarily eat gluten free food, you can easily be tempted to try out one of these. Hope it tickles your fancy.

Quinoa Chicken Parmesan

So this classic chicken recipe is America’s favorite Italian entrée. This recipe has a twist to it which makes it doubly delicious and healthy at the same time. Instead of using bread crumbs to make the outer crispy crust, just substitute it for Quinoa and you’re going to be in for a treat. Quinoa is a rich source of proteins and it is also highly features in vegetarian and vegan diet, which is why it comes into this recipe. This dish takes 45 minutes to cook and is always welcome on the table.

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Blueberry Swirl Muffins

So I was having this argument with a friend of mine about the difference between Muffins and Cupcakes because they seemed to be quite distinctively alike. In our quest for this answer we came across this amazing recipe for Gluten Free Blueberry Swirl Muffins which we though we should share with you all, and because it looks so dam awesome too. Incase you were wondering what the difference between Muffins and Cupcakes are check this link out (

Blueberry-Buttermilk Swirl Muffins Beauty A131110 Silvana's Kitchen 2014

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Chicken Enchiladas Casserole (“Stacked” Chicken Enchiladas)

Mexican Styled food is so good; I realized how much Mexican food has its influence in the USA when I lived there. Enchiladas were my favorite and I also discovered avocados because their use in guacamole ever since then I have always made some Mexican themed food. This recipe really tickled my fancy because it has principles of a lasagna to it but its completely Mexican in nature. Its easy to make, and is relatively hassle free ingredients to put this dish together. Black Beans, Sweet Corn, Chicken and Avacodos make this dish quite healthy and the tortillas add the wholesome layer to it. Give it a shot when you have some people coming over and your bound to win them over with this recipe.



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Pepperoni Pizza Potato Skins

If you are having guests over for drinks or dinner this is the perfect appetizer to make for your guests.  I have eaten potato skins and pizzas at all hours of the day, for breakfast, lunch, mid day snack, dinner and post a few drinks and honestly they always hit the spot. This recipe is bound to have the same effect for sure because of the combination of the two coming together along with some pepperoni. You can also substitute the potatoes for sweet potatoes to give it a new twist which is quite interesting and its gluten free. Perfect!

Beer Baked Tempeh Rubens

Beer usually has gluten in it, so we thought of having some recipes for you with gluten free beer in it so that you could try out some rubens cooked in beer. Ohh yea, I know that I have grabbed your attention already. If you have read some of our previous blogs you might know that we are absolutely drop dead crazy about sandwiches and therefore this recipe makes it to our list. Tempeh is insanely healthy as it’s even healthier than tofu; it is really high on calcium, protein and high in magnesium. The sauces and dressings on this sandwich bring out the flavor of this whole combination so much that it is just a sandwich to die for, quite literally.


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Simplified Chipotle Burrito Bowl

Anyone from the US will know the whole fad that hit America when Chipotle opened its food chains to people across the country. Suddenly the whole country was hooked on to huge burritos and burrito bowls, I was one of those people who couldn’t get enough of them. Well then I realized that the same this could be made at home in a healthier and much more delicious way. This recipe is so easy and amazing and much healthier and delicious than any burrito bowl that you would come across that you just have to try it once. It is quite straight forward and if you like Mexican styled food this is going to be quite worth a shot.


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A Simple Carrot Soup Recipe

This is a really simple recipe and carrots are in season at the moment so why not try something with carrots in them, and a soup can never go amiss. This is a carrot and onion based soup with some coconut milk to give it some creaminess. Coconut milk is a bit fattening but a much healthier option than using straight cream. Soups are also a good substitute for a whole meal if you’re not in the mood for a heavy dinner. Soup and sandwich combinations also are a good lunch pair so if your ever want a quick fix with seasonal veg this is definitely the way forward.


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