Top St Patrick’s Day Recipes – 2015


St Patricks day is celebrated all around the world with great panache and more often than not copious amounts of alcohol. I remember reading a sign somewhere saying ‘on March 17 everyone is Irish’ which is actually quite true in modern times. Nowdays people just need an excuse to party and have a good time, and so St Patricks day has become this global day for people to wear Irish clover leaves, dress in green, eat, drink and be merry. It is also a day when people throw parties for their friends so that they can be merry together, and so this article is dedicated to all party throwers and some amazing Irish recipes that can be sued to give your party a little umph!

Irish Soda Bread Muffins
St. Patrick's day Recipes - Irish soda bread muffin recipe

Irish Soda Bread Muffins common St Patrick’s day recipe found all over Ireland and are usually more savory in taste. This recipe has been provided in a more muffin based form rather in the traditional form because it is easier when people are over for a party. Munching on this delicious bread rather than leaving a whole loaf of bread on the table is so much more convenient and the best part of this recipe is that it tastes delicious. Throw in some cranberries to give it a slight sweet flavor and add some butter to the center give it that little extra texture in the center and you have a great starter to soak up that alcohol.

Irish Soda Bread Muffins Recipe

Irish Nachos

Irish Nachos - St. Patrick's day RecipesIRISH NACHOS! Like for real. The first time I came across this recipe I was like, there surely cant be something called Irish Nachos, and even if there was something what would the ingredients be? Surely some Guinness or Baileys right! Well I was totally wrong; this recipe is a beast of a recipe and it is bound to make your guests begging for more because it is just that good. Firstly the nachos are not made from regular corn, they are made from potatoes, the toppings have some Avocado to it which are so healthy and creamy. Oh I also forgot the best parts, Bacon and Cheese, now that’s what I’m talking about. This recipe is really easy to make and you wont regret putting that extra bit of bacon in it either.

Irish Nachos Recipe

Guinness Cheddar Dip

St. Patrick's day Recipes - Guinness Cheddar DipFirstly no St Patrick ’s Day food recipe can get away without adding some Guinness to it, and a party cannot not have some dip and crackers. This recipe is the perfect blend of the two, Dip and Guinness. Well I don’t think you could ask for more but this recipe is really straight forward and delicious too. It has a beer cheese fondue kind of taste to it, perfect for any party and a great dip to have on the side for people to just munch on during the party.

Guinness Cheddar Dip Recipe

Guinness and Baileys Jello Shots

  St. Patrick's day Recipes - Guinness and Baileys Jello ShotsI did mention in the recipe above that we have to add in as much of Guinness and also Baileys to our recipe list for the sake of stereotyping the Irish feel good factor. This recipe of Guinness and Baileys Jello Shots is a good way to get the party to the next level and it also leaves a great after taste at

the back of your tongue maybe craving a couple of extra shots (I have a cheeky smile as I write this). The combination of Guinness and Baileys together is just divine and they are just meant to be together so enjoy this shot and have fun offering this to your friends too, just make sure you make a few extra because there is bound to be some extra demand for this.

Jello Shots recipe

Rainbow Sangria

St. Patrick's day Recipes - RAINBOW SANGRIA

St Patrick’s day is all about being green and more often than not also involves rainbows and so in view of the rainbows and our love for sangrias we found this recipe. This recipe has 5 fruits so I guess you can call it healthy (Wink Wink) Right? It is really easy to make this for your party and Sangrias are quite delicious regardless of the occasion. This recipe if arranged properly look amazing and that a conversation starter right!

Rainbow Sangria recipe

Cucumber Avocado Rolls

St. Patrick's day Recipes - CUCUMBER AVOCADO ROLLSThis recipe is really cool, seriously! Obviously it has cucumber to it making it cooler, but the taste of this appetiser is amazing, and it all green goodness ingredients to it too. Healthy, light, delicious and vegan! This recipe is really easy to make and needs minimalist ingredients of cucumber and avocado, I don’t think I need to explain more.

Cucumber Avocado roll recipe

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