Top Six recipes for March – April 2015


We at the Cookbook team just went through whirlpool of discussions where we decided that we wanted new ways to engage with our readers and tried to think up of some new categories that we could potentially line up for you to read up on. A little brain storming, funny arguments and a couple of cups of tea later we decided that we would start up on some monthly instalments for you. As a part of that whole forming, storming, norming and performing process (trust us it was a process and a half) we came up with a new category for our blog called “Six monthly picks that you shouldn’t miss” and this particularly instalments is here to stay. These recipes are recipes that have been trending over the month, some of them will be new variations or some of them will be classic renditions, nevertheless they will be some amazing recipes that you should still try. Hope you enjoy our new categorisation of some recipes and find some cool, wonderful and delicious things to cook for a meal next time your in the kitchen and don’t know what to make.

Paprika Chicken & Spinach with White Wine Butter Thyme Sauce – Recipe

Paprika Spinach Chicken in White Wine Herb Butter Sauce RecipeThis recipe if for all those chicken lovers out there who like to eat chicken with a great garlic butter sauce.  I try to cook as much of meat as I can with wine because I truly believe that it adds a lot of flavour to it that no other ingredient can. It also gets absorbed into the meat in a way that has the tendency to make it juicier, and so this recipe makes it to this list, mainly because it’s chicken, but mostly because it has some white wine in it but is also quite healthy with some added spice too.

Get the recipe here

Vegan Carrot Cake Pancakes with Cashew, Cream Cheese Maple Topping – RECIPE

Vegan carrot cake pancakes recipesI have never eaten these pancakes, but honest to god they sound amazing. I never thought pancakes could be made from CARROTS. Like for real these pancakes are made from Carrots! This recipe is definitely going on my to make list, but from what I can tell this seems to be a pretty good response to this recipe and also it’s Vegan because the cream cheese is made from soy milk or almond milk. The recipe has a cornucopia of flavors to it because of the spices added to the pancake and the cream cheese, all we can say is just enjoy what this recipe has to offer and you won’t be disappointed.
Get the recipe here

Creamy Basil Coconut Orange Brown Rice Breakfast Bowl (Dairy Free)

Creamy Basil Coconut Orange Brown Rice Breakfast Bowl (Dairy Free) recipeOk, now this recipes name is a mouth full and so you might be like, what the heck is going on here, but don’t be taken aback by the name. You have got to try this recipe out because it has some amazing flavors in it (Basil, Coconut, Orange, Accia Berries, and Raspberries) and the different textures of cream, chia seeds, chopped almonds and brown rice just merge into one awesome breakfast bowl. This breakfast bowl is so healthy, delicious and so pretty looking you might just be afraid to eat it. But fear not, this bowl is power packed that you might get over how pretty it looks and just go in for the kill. It’s dairy free, so for those who are lactose intolerant this is another great recipe to add to the bucket list.

Get the recipe here

Salmon Tacos with Cilantro-Lime Slaw

Salmon Tacos with Cilantro-Lime Slaw recipeBefore I came across this recipe I used to remember the days at University when I was studying, I used to always go for some quick and tasty recipes that were also healthy. I remember using different types of fish like cod, salmon and tuna in different combinations (sandwiches, wraps etc). When I came across this recipe it instantly grabbed my attention because it is so similar to my favourite recipe that I had to add it to the list and share it with you guys. Well let’s just put it this way, it’s a big fat chunk piece of Salmon, in a taco with and amazing slaw dressing and it is so easy to make too and utterly delicious. Please take my word on this, and make this for your next meal, also you can eat it cold the next day for lunch if you like it that much.

Get the recipe here

Oreo Cream Filled Brownies

Oreo Cream Filled Brownies RecipeFirstly we would like Cookies and Cup for providing this recipe and inspiration to also add this to the list. We all love Oreo’s and we all love brownies. Now the combination of the two of them together is just divine and these brownies are bound to keep you wanting more. This recipe is quite easy to make because of the minimalist amount of ingredients required to make it, the prep time remains the same but wow, do these brownies taste amazing!

Get the recipe here

Apple Cider Glazed Pork Chops

Apple Cider Glazed Pork Chops recipeThis recipe is for those who want to cook up a great meal for their family that is delicious and easy to make so that everyone is happy and also have some additional time to spend with the family to catch up on the days activities. The way this recipe turns out is so amazing because the meat is so juicy and tender that the meat almost comes off the bone and the apple cider glaze just works so well with it. This recipe is very healthy as well because it is cooked up on the grill so close to no oil to it, and you have some apples as siders. Well as they say an ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away!’. For a quick, healthy, tasty delicious recipe this is the way to go.

Get the recipe here

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