3 Must Try Chicken Recipes for Easter


No matter how many years pass by, Chicken recipes will always be a mainstay for Easter. This year would be no different and if you are confused about which chicken dish you should serve in the table this year don’t worry, the Cook Book team is here for the rescue.

Grilled Chicken in Lexington Style

The Grilled Chicken is best served as an Easter Dinner dish. The Grilled chicken is to be treated with some good old barbecue sauce. The Sauce should be vinegar based and at the same time should be spicy enough to give a treat to the taste buds. The grilled chicken is at its best when it is cooked overnight as it requires a marinating of more than two hours. Find out the recipe here.

 Chicken Roasted with Ginger Ale- Can

Roasting chicken over some open cane of Ginger Ale is a great way of challenging your taste buds on the Easter day. It is something different from the traditional way of roasting Chicken and deserves a try this year if you are looking for something new. Get the recipe here.

Chicken Roasted With Garlic herbs

If you don’t have the appetite for ginger, the next best thing to roast chicken would be garlic. The first step will be to bake the chicken with some good old vegetables and garlic herbs. Once that’s done, unpeel the garlics to infuse the right flavors into the baked chicken. Using aromatic apples for the baking process is also highly recommended. Get the complete recipe here.

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