5 Traditional Main Dishes for Easter Dinner

Ever wondered which is the most important part of Easter is when it comes to food? Well, the obvious answer would be brunch but on a bigger picture, the dinner is equally important. The Easter Dinner is responsible to wrap up the day filled with celebrations and joy and messing it up would be the last thing you want.

Having the right dinner and the wrong one does have a large impact on the whole Easter experience and we, here at the Cook book is here to help you with some great Dinner Ideas for the Easter day.

Plum Glazed Ham

Ham for Easter is a traditional deal but here we are adding a twist to the whole thing with some plum. The Plum will be responsible for adding the extra layer of flavor to the dinner and added with some proper amount of red pepper and ginger, this dish is sure to steal the show. Find out the recipe here.

Honey Glazed Lamb

If Plum Glazed Ham filled your mouth water, wait till you try this out. Adding the sweet Honey flavor to the lamb will elevate the entire dinner experience and for the purpose of improving the festive sweetness we can also include grapes and cranberries to the dish. Get the recipe here.

Roasted Chicken with Garlic

After Ham and Lamb, chicken is the obvious choice to come next. The sweet blend of chicken with some well cooked vegetables and the garlic aroma is finger licking good. Get the recipe of Roasted Chicken for Easter here.

Roasted Lamb

Not all the people out there might not like the Honey glazed Lamb but they might go for the traditional roasted Lamb. The Trick is to use some solid amount of lemon, salt and pepper, garlic and the usual add-ons to serve a mouthwatering dish. Get the recipe here.

Rack of Lamb and Carrot Salad

It is probably the easiest Easter Dinner dish that could be tried out. The side kick of carrot along with the Lamb will be a healthy change of path and seasoning with only salt might turn out to be a great decision as well. Get the recipe here.

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