5 Must Know Tips for Dinner Party


Hosting a dinner party is a very exciting prospect, period. There is probably nothing better than food and fun going hand in hand but knowing how to host a successful dinner party is crucial for all these.

5 Must Know Tips for Dinner Party
Photo courtesy: sheknows.com

There are a lot of things that need to be kept in mind while playing the perfect host at such an occasion. The Cookbook team is known for delivering some excellent recipes for every occasion and now, we are going to help you with some tips.

Know your limitations

Dinner parties can be very tempting. You might have the idea of using some dishes that no one has heard off but it could turn out to be a complete disaster. The first trick is to know your limitations and keep it simple. Impressing the taste buds with a simple known dish in the dinner party will be more effective than coming up with something that no one has heard of.

Plan, plan and more plan

Just like all the parties, dinner parties also need a truck load of planning. The room for mess up here is nil since we are giving importance to food. Plan on when the dishes will be cooked, when they will go to the refrigerator, when they will be served and so on, so that there is no mess up once the party gets rolling.

Cook according to the season

One of the most obvious questions that will poke up while planning a dinner party is ‘what to cook’. This is a relevant question indeed and the answer lies in the calendar. Cook the recipes according to the season as it would be easier for the guests to enjoy. Not every dish in the menu needs to be according to the season but a majority should be.

Homemade is always the best

One other temptation that will come running into the mind when it comes to dinner party is buying food from outside. It is a good idea if you are planning to have a grand feast but even if the food if bought, try to include some homemade dishes here and there as homemade dishes always have a special place in the hearts.

Keep the screwy surprises away

How can a party be complete without surprises? Surprises at dinner parties could vary from excellent to utterly ridiculous and what you need to remember is: keep the food away from them. You don’t know the taste of your guests so they might end up rejecting your big surprise, which basically is an awkward situation for everyone.

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