Food Tales: How Iced Coffee Conquers Heat and Electricity


Being stuck inside a house with no electricity in the scorching summer is not a pleasant experience, trust me. It is times like this when you’d just wish for a cold breeze through the window above all the dimes and lotteries.

But you know what is better than getting cooled from the outside? Working the magic inside. A good old cold drink can do the trick perfectly and but of course, smoothies are off the possible menu as we need blenders to make them. (And blenders need electricity in case you were wondering).

Iced Coffee

The inventory might be pretty limited but it doesn’t however restrict you from making Iced Coffee. The obvious question that pokes up now would be “How can I have ice for iced coffee when there is no electricity?”

Well, one word: Science.

In most cases, a full or nearly full chest-type freezer, in an appropriate location, will hold well for 24 hours and longer. In short, your ice will be pretty good for nearly a day and it won’t really be a problem.

As far as the making process is concerned, even someone like me, who could be in the running for the ‘Worst cook of the year’ award every year, can come up with a tasty iced coffee.

No electricity? well, no problem

All you need is some ice cubes, strong coffee and cream.

Put the ice cubes into your mug, pour in some strong coffee, whip in the amount of cream you would like and get is shaking, Could it get any simpler?

The drink is certainly going to work some magic on you despite what happens outside and the ease with which it could be made makes it even more attractive.

So the next time you are stuck inside your home in the summer with no electricity, you know what to do. Just for the sake of ordering things, here is the recipe for the Iced Coffee (even though it is probably the easiest dish out there)


  • Ice Cubes
  • Strong Coffee
  • Cream


  • Take some ice in a cup
  • Add strong coffee into the cup
  • Whip in some cream
  • Cool down your system (it happens automatically by the way)

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