Zongzi Recipes For The Dragon Boat Festival


The Dragon Boat festival in China is known for many things. First among that list would be the well-decorated boats which are built inshape of dragons. And second will clearly be Zongzi. The Dragon Boat Festival will never be complete without a good share of Zongzi.


Although the recipe changes with respect to various regions of China, there is some stand out Zongzi dishes that could make the Dragon Boat Festival a lot more interesting. It is at the same time, one of the hardest Chinese dishes to cook. However, once you get the hang of it, it will never disappoint you. So here is a look at some of those Zongzi recipes.

Basic Zongzi Recipe

This one is for the foodies who want to keep it simple. The basic Zongzi recipe uses glutinous rice along with bamboo leaves. There is a good amount of Chinese dates added to this as well to give it an extra twist. Get the recipe here.

Zongzi with Slated pork

Just like the basic recipe, this one also makes use of glutinous rice and bamboo leaves. The twist here comes in the form of pork. Salted pork with the rice forms a tasty combination. Get the recipe here.

Zongzi with duck’s egg

Duck’s egg might not be a popular food item. This opinion, however, is likely to change once you try this dish. The basic Zongzi recipe gets treated with duck’s egg yolk. The blend of the flavors is simply awesome and deserves credit. Get the recipe here.

Zongzi with dried shrimp

Fish lovers out there need not worry because Zongzi has a fishy variation as well. This recipe makes use of dried shrimp along with the basic Zongzi recipe. And like all the above recipes, this one will amaze you. Get the recipe here.

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