10 Hollywood Celebrities and Their Favorite Foods


Have you ever wondered what your favorite Hollywood Celebrity loves to eat?

Peeking into the personal life of celebrities has always been a great pleasure for us. We see internet buzzing about their love life and career, but not many of us stumble upon the food habits of these Hollywood Celebrities.  So if you ever had that question of what these superstars love to eat read on and find out.

Robert Downey Jr.: Filet Mignon Meatballs

Robert Downey Jr.

All the Iron Man fans out there, Filet Mignon Meatballs are your Hero’s favorite food. It might go down as a big surprise, but that’s how Robert Downey Jr. rolls.

Scarlett Johansson: Buffalo Wings

Scarlett Johansson

The Avengers star is obsessed with Buffalo wings and according to her; she is addicted to them as well. So now you know what you should cook to impress her.

Tom Cruise: Ice Cream

Tom Cruise

Isn’t this obvious? I mean, who does not like Ice Cream? The Mission Impossible star admitted his love for Ice Creams in an Interview and at the same time said that he hates having liver.

Jennifer Aniston: Mexican Food

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston needs no explanation. When it comes to food, her favorite is Mexican. She is in love with items like enchiladas, tostada salad and nachos and almost every other Mexican food out there.

Daniel Radcliffe: sushi

Daniel Radcliffe

If you thought that Daniel Radcliffe has some favorite from the wizardly world, think again. The Brit loves his sushi and will also eat fish as long as it doesn’t bite him.

Selena Gomez: Pickles

Selena Gomez

Unlike most of the other celebrities in the list, Selena has a weird choice. She is a lover of pickles and anything that is soaked in vinegar. And if it is Reeses and Pickles, then she would die for them.

Leonardo Di Caprio: Pasta

Leonardo Di Caprio

While Leo is yet to get his hands on the Oscar, he has had plenty of time to talk about his favorite food. And the honor of being Leo’s favorite food goes to Pasta. When it comes to drink, he is a lemonade lover.

Cameron Diaz: French Fries

Cameron Diaz

Cameron is pretty open when it comes to her love for Food. Her menu always boasts two things, caviar, and French Fries. The latter gets more love and she likes to eat it with a lot of salt.

Emma Watson: Nutella

Emma Watson

There are no surprises here. Emma is someone who is impossible to hate and so is Nutella. So this is pretty much a match made in heaven.

Brad Pitt: Steak and Pizza

Brad Pitt

No, Pitt does not eat the combination of Steak and Pizza; he is just confused about which one he loves more. In Certain interviews, Brad points out steak as his favorite food while, in others, he points out Pizza.

Did we miss out your favorite Celebrity? Just drop it in the comments and we’ll tell you what they like the most. And tune in for more, we only covered the Hollywood stars now, we still have a Bollywood left to conquer.

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