10 Deep But Funny Food Quotes That You Should Read


There are two types of Food Quotes in the world. Ones that make you fall in love with food and the ones that make you laugh and think deep. We have already seen the first category earlier and it would only be fitting to take a look into the second one as well. So instead of just beating around the bush, let’s get into some business shall we? And just for the sake of spoiler alert, these Food Quotes are so deep that you could see Adele rolling down there.

1) Nope, Food > Us

Quote #1

2) Did I warn you about these quotes being deep? Oh, wait, I did.

Quote #2

3) Immortality is what we all want.

Quote #3

4) Ice Cream = Happiness

Quote #4

5) Don’t look further for cake eating excuses

Quote #5

6) Non-Vegetarians have a point you know.

Quote #6

7) Forget the big cars and fancy suits, learn to cook

Quote #7

8) Yeah, It is not like someone lives in there

Quote #8

9) Imagine this happening

Quote #9

10) Saving the best for the last, Chocolate is Salad

Quote #10

Tune into Cookbook for more.

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