Eat up and Slim Down: Foods That Help You Lose Weight


Starving and dieting are some common practices that we do to shed some weight. However, what if we could Lose Weight by eating? Sounds excellent right?

Foods that help you to Lose Weight are always overlooked. Instead, we spend some extra hours in the gym, sometimes starve ourselves and on some other occasions, we simply keep away our favorite snacks in fear of extra fat. Now, there is nothing wrong with exercising or dieting, but eating is always better than the two. So here is a look at some of those food items that help you Lose Weight.

Chile Peppers


Eating Chile Peppers alone could turn out to be a big mistake. However, having them in your food could be a good idea. Chile Peppers are known to burn stored fat which in turn helps you to lose the excess weight.

Dried Plums

Dried Plums

It might not be a popular food item like Chocolate, but dried plums have an excellent value when it comes to being a weight loss food. These are good as long as there is no added sugar

Red wine

Red Wine

Apart from the solid foods, Red Wine can also act as an excellent fat burner. They are known for reducing the growth of fat cells and prevents the formation of new ones to an extent.



Potatoes are often categorized as a weight gain food but thanks to the high glycemic index, Potatoes can work in reverse as well.  You just have to cook it the proper way and it is simple as that.

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