Eating Spicy Food Will Help You Live Longer, Says Reports


Do you like to add some spiciness to your daily diet? If yes, then I got some good news for you. Foodies who are into spicy food might be in for a longer life according to the new study that was published in BMJ.

Spicy Food might help you live longer

The Study was conducted by Lu Qi, who is the associate professor at the Harvard School of Public Health.  He reached the conclusion based on the survey that was carried out on around half a million adults all across the world.

From the studies, it was seen that people who consumed spicy food had a lower mortality rate compared to the people who stayed away from spicy food. Each person subjected to the survey was supposed to give their health status, alcohol consumption, spicy food consumption, main source of chili intake along with their meat and vegetable consumptions.

How Much Spicy Food Should You Eat?

People who eat spicy food once or twice per week have a 10 percentage reduce risk compared to people who don’t consume spicy food. At the same time, the people who consume spicy food 3-7 times days a week has a 14% reduced risk.

“We know something about the beneficial effects of spicy foods basically from animal studies and very small-sized human studies. It appears that increasing your intake moderately, just to 1-2 or 3-5 times a week, shows very similar protective effect. Just increase moderately. That’s maybe enough,” Qi Said.

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