Food Items That You Should Not Eat After Work Out

Working out could be a great way to shed some extra fat in the body. However, eating certain food items after the Work Out could end up giving the opposite effect. So in case you didn’t know what not to eat during the work out period, here is the list.

Potato Chips

Potato Chips

Potatoes are rich in starch. This starch in turn stores more fat in the body which is not the purpose of workout in the first place.

Raw vegetables

Raw Vegetables

Losing minerals and vitamins is a major problem faced during workouts. And if you think that you can get back those minerals and vitamins through raw vegetables, then you are wrong. Eating yogurt instead would meet the needs.

Fried Eggs

Fried Eggs

Eggs absorb a lot of oil while being fried. This oil is then stored in our body as saturated fat. So if you are hell bound in eating eggs, boil them instead of frying them.



Cakes come loaded with carbohydrates, sugars, and fats. Eating them after work out will cancel out all your hard work and the alternative that could be considered are smoothies.

So now that you know what not to eat after work out take a note of them and tune into Cookbook for more foodie stuff.

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