Maggi Is Back In The Indian Market

After a major setback a few months back, Nestle has relaunched Maggi Noodles in India. The instant noodles was taken off the shelf due to food scare five months back. The ban was imposed on Maggi by the Indian government amid claims about the excessive amounts of lead in the food item.


The ban, however, was overturned by the Bombay High Court in Austin and Nestle India head Suresh Narayanan said that the tests conducted on Maggi were highly unreliable.

Indian government had earlier sued Nestle for $100M for misleading advertisements. However, Maggi got off the hook when the tests conducted by Indian court found safe levels of lead in the noodles. Apart from bringing back the product to the markets, Nestle is also planning to open a helpline for their consumers and also will be more active in social media platforms.

“A challenging period for the Nestle organisation and therefore, there is a feeling of satisfaction at bringing back Maggi noodles to the market,” Nestle said in an official statement.

The foodies all over the nation were saddened by the ban on Maggi, which was arguably the most popular instant noodles in India. The relaunch is expected to be a successful one due to the same.

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