4 Delicious Recipes You Can Make With Maggi

Maggi made a triumphant return to the Indian market recently. The instant noodles are still a hit among the masses and we thought about giving the regular recipes a wild twist. You might not know it, but this instant noodles is a very versatile food item. There are a handful of delicious dishes that you could make with it and here is a look at them.



There is a long list of sandwich fillings that can fulfill your wildest sandwich dreams. And this recipe will fall right into that list. You can find the recipe for Sandwich here.

Maggie salad


If you want to add a healthy twist to the instant noodles, then you can go ahead with this Salad recipe. With vegetables such as Cucumber, Tomatoes, and Onions, it will rank high in the healthy recipe listings. Get the recipe here.

Mango Maggi

Mango Maggi

This recipe gives a tangy experience. It is not as easy as most of the other recipes in the list but once its cooked, it gives a great treat for the taste buds. Get the recipe here.

Chicken Maggi

Chicken Maggi

Let’s cap off the list with a gift for the chicken lovers. If there is some leftover chicken in your fridge, then this dish is simply perfect for the situation. Get the recipe here.

Tune into Cookbook for more recipes.

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