5 Predicted Food Trends For 2016

2015 is all set to be wrapped out and as one year ends, we are looking into the next one with a sense of newfound optimism. We are already thinking about the resolutions we are going to make, the foods we are going to cut, and a string of other similar things.

Meanwhile, the foodies are scratching their head thinking about the food trends that are going to poke up next year. Pinterest managed to come up with a list of potential trends with the bulk of data it received from its application and website, and here is a look at the interesting items in that list.


Beertails are on the rise

We know all about the cocktails, but beertails are rare. This food trend, however, is on the rise and could reach the peak in 2016.

Distill Your Own Booze

You could be making your own booze next year

Everyone is obsessed with making their own creations and booze cannot escape from this list. Drinks like Vodka, Whiskey, beer and a lot more could be distilled on your own.

Avocado Oil

The Next Coconut Oil?

Avocado oil is currently tagged as the future coconut oil. If that was not enough, you could use the Avocado oil as a replacement for Mayonnaise. That and much more could make this a huge trend in 2016.

Sweet to Savory

Toasts are popular under this category

These are two tastes that foodies always have admired and it would not be a big surprise if this trends next year. Toasts are likely to be the most searched food item under this food trend.

Pour Over Coffee

A life saver

Making Pour Over Coffee will be a life saver if you are living alone. In fact, a major portion of the World’s population actually does it. So 2016 might be about spreading it to the other half.

Tune into Cookbook for more recipes and foodie fun.

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