8 Great Quotes About Alcohol

The New Year celebrations are never complete without Alcohol (unless you have one of those wicked New Year’s resolutions). We all have our preferences when it comes to choosing a drink but it would be safe to say that most of them serve the same purpose.

As you are bound to come across a wide range of Alcoholic drinks, here is a look at some great quotes about Alcohol.

1) God loves us

Oh yes it is

2) Every good story starts with alcohol

The best one

3) True story

hard to digest, but true

4) Mark Twain knows best

Mark Twain knows best

5) Sometimes, it’s a problem solver

Milk and Water never solved anything

6) Those kids in Africa are sober. Always remember that. 

Those kids in Africa

7) Beauty is subjective.

The underlying beauty

8) At times, Vodka is better than love


If you are going to celebrate this New Year with some good old alcohol, don’t forget to savor the brilliance of those drinks. Cookbook wishes you a prosperous and fun filled New Year. May the New Year bring you all the happiness that you ever wished for.

Tune into Cookbook for more recipes and foodie fun. If you are having troubles finding some good recipes to celebrate New Year, you could always download our android application here. 

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