5 Food Destinations For Spicy Food Lovers

We all have our own tastes when it comes to the food we eat. Some likes it sweet and rich when some likes it hot and spicy, and then there are others who love everything that doesn’t bite them back. While all the three categories are worth exploring, today, we are going to take a dig into the second category. There are some places around the globe that would be heaven for foodies that belong to this category and here is a look at them.


We will start off with the most obvious one, India. The amount of spiciness in the Indian dishes is well known and for whoever wants to take their taste buds for a hot ride, India should be first on the list.


Chillies are a staple in the Mexican dishes. And the best part is, most of the chillies are home-grown. The country boasts a wide array of chillies that serve the purpose perfectly.


The Malaysian cuisine has some huge influence from India. This could be one of the reasons why their food is so spicy. There are some exotic flavours worth trying in the country and most of them are hot enough to give the burning sensation.


Jamaica has a long list of spicy dishes with the most notable ones being the Jerk Chicken and the goal curries. The Caribbean peppers add extra flavours to the cuisine in Jamaica and makes them stand out from the rest.


China is a large country and on certain parts, you could get some delicious and spicy food. On other parts of the country, you might get the exact opposite. The South-Western part of the country is where the spiciness sores up just in case you were noting.

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