Marijuana-Infused Nutella Now Available


Nutella, as a stand-alone food item is heavily addictive and now, things are taken to a different level as Canada is seeing a new form of Nutella in the markets which is Marijuana-infused.

Chrontella acts like the regular Nutella but has Marijuana infused to it.

Chrontella, which is manufactured by edibles makes Cannavis, is infused with 300-milligram cannabis extract, making it an easy choice for the stoners out there. A jar of Chrontella costs around $23 and is only available in the Canada dispensaries. Chrontella, could be spread into breads or cakes just like the usual nutella,

The legalization of marijuana in the stateside has given rise to a string of cannabis inspired products. Cannavis itself has Peanut butter and, smoker’s Jam and a Jelly, all using extracts of Cannabis.

Elsewhere, Seattle recently saw Hawking Cannabis K-Cups and weed-infused Vodka. Meanwhile, Ben and Jerry are looking to come up with their own Marijuana flavored ice cream, which is sure to break the current market. The flavors, however, would only be available in states that have legalized Marijuana, according to the company.

Tune into Cookbook for more food-related news and recipes. You could also download the android application from the Google Play Store.

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