The Raindrop Cake is Breaking the internet


New Yorker Darren Wong would be so proud of his creation, the Raindrop cake, which has gone on to make waves on the internet.

Raindrop Cake

Why? Because it is made from mineral water and looks like a rainbow. The recipe, which was inspired by a Japanese viral food sensation in 2014, uses agar along with water to give the unique look.

The Raindrop cake could be sliced up just like jello but has a tendency to melt under half an hour if kept in normal room temperature.

“There are very few foods that engage this many senses at the same time, which is what attracted me to this dessert in the first place.” Wong said.

Wong experimented with a string of gelatins and combinations before he came up with the final product and it apparently paid off. The raindrop cake tastes pretty much like water and could be served with soybean flour and brown sugar syrup to get that extra bit of flavour. The best part is that it has zero calories.

The cakes are available for purchase for $8 in Brooklyn and don’t be surprised if it spreads across the food market soon.

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