How Much Will It Cost You To Taste The World’s Most Expensive Kebab?

The Royal

It is a question that all kebab lovers would’ve had in their mind at one point or the other. Kebab is a great way to swing your mood around the delicious taste of it always does the trick when it comes to satisfying the taste buds.

But what if we go majestic and want to treat our taste buds with the World’s most expensive kebab?

Don’t worry, we have the answer for that and if you are looking for a name, the World’s most expensive kebab is known as  ‘The Royal’. A fitting name for an expensive Kebab isn’t it?

The Royal, which is made from the best (Grand nine) Japanese Wagyu Beef, 25-year-old Vinegar, and fresh morel mushrooms costs around £925. Convert that into rupees and you have to spend around Rs. 87119.29 Rupees for it.

If we do some math, The Royal costs around 172.94 rupees per millimeter.

The dish was created by Onder Sahan and was showcased in the Fourth British Kebab Awards which was started by Ibrahim Dogus.

“The British love kebabs served in pitta but the word ‘kebab’ really just means cooked over an open flame. This kebab is not just the world’s most expensive but it’s authentic too, loyal to the origins of a dish that has evolved over thousands of years,” Dogus said.

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