5 Lesser Known Facts About Indian Food


If there is one thing that comes second to eating a food, it’s talking about food. We could talk the whole day about what we love to eat and what we don’t love to eat and it’s something that does not bore us. And what happens if we get an extra edge in those conversations by adding a pinch of knowledge?

Coffee had a late introduction

Delicious right? We are going to do just that by introducing you to some lesser known facts about Indian food. So buckle up and be ready to be surprised.

Coffee was not known in India before 16th Century – Although coffee is a delicacy in India these days, before the 16th century, the food item was not so popular here. It was the British that popularized the same and there was no looking back from there. Not only this, tomato, potato, sugar and chilli got a late introduction as well.

The Largest producer in Spices – India is the front runner in many areas and producing spices is one among then. The country has a reputation for coming up with spicy foods and from this statistics, the tag is rightfully earned.

Ghost Chilli

Rajma does not belong to India – Rajma, which is a very popular ingredient in the Indian dishes, does not actually have an Indian origin. This was brought into India from Mexico and became a staple here.

Lowest Meat consumption – India does boast some delicious non-vegetarian recipes as its own, but the fact is, the country has the lowest meat consumption per person index in the whole world. Around 40 percent of the Indian population is vegetarian.

The most widely used spice – we already mentioned about the spices and if you were wondering, the most widely used spice in India is chilli. Also, India plays home to one of the hottest chillis in the world, popularly known as the ‘Ghost Chilli’.

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