Starbucks to donate all unsold food to charity


Starbucks has come out with a major move to wipe out its food wastage by announcing that they will donate all of their unsold food items to charity.

Starbucks is taking a big step

The initiative will happen in the program named FoodShare and as part of it, Starbucks will donate ready-to-eat meals from its 7600 stores to food banks. The initial phase of the program will only cover the United States but it is expected to expand.

Through the program, Starbucks expects to provide food for nearly 5 Million individuals in the initial year and they are looking to scale the program in the coming five years with the number growing to 50 Million meals by 2021.

Their existing collaboration with the Food Donation Connection and Feeding America will be crucial for the same.

“Like many of our social impact initiatives, the innovation and inspiration comes from our partners who are volunteering in and contributing to their communities. They saw the need for us to do more, and find a way to use our scale to bring more nourishing and ready-to-eat meals to those in need,” said John Kelly, senior vice president, Starbucks Global Responsibility, Community and Public Policy.

Along with this, Starbucks will be looking to decrease its environmental footprint by diverting food surplus from landfills.


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