Woman sues Starbucks over too much Ice in Ice coffee


In what proved to be a weird lawsuit, a woman has sued Starbucks over having too much ice in their Ice Coffee. The lawsuit claims that Starbucks has almost half of its quantity as ice and says that the company misinterprets its fluid ounces.


This lawsuit was filed by a customer named Stacy Pincus in Chicago and she apparently felt that the company was misleading all of its customers.

According to the lawsuit, the beverage only contains around 14 ounces of fluid when Starbucks is advertising 24 ounces of fluid.

“A Starbucks customer who orders and pays for a cold drink receives much less than advertised — often nearly half as many fluid ounces,” the lawsuit stated.

Two months back, Starbucks was also in a lawsuit where they got sue for selling under-filled lattes which suggested that they were selling 25 percent less than what they were actually advertising.

Apart from the quantity argument, the lawsuit also claims that the beverage costs higher than the counter parts.

“Essentially, Starbucks is not only under filling its Cold Drinks compared to how they are advertised, but it is charging a premium price for them as well,” the lawsuit states.

The amount that the lawsuit is seeking is around $5 million in damages and also is asking anyone who has purchased the beverage to come out and talk.

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