How An Indian Company Is Replacing Plastic Cutlery With Edible Ones


Ever had the trouble of wanting to dispose your plastic cutlery after a delicious meal or had the trouble of not properly cleaned cutlery? Well, an Indian company called Bakeys Food has come up with a solution.

Edible cutlery

The company, which was founded by groundwater researcher Narayana Peesapathy produces edible cutlery which is capable of replacing the plastic that we used these days. According to the statistics, in a year, there are about 120 billion pieces of plastic cutlery that are being disposed.

The cutlery that Bakeys Food makes comes from dried millets, wheat, and rice. This means that with the avoidance of plastic, this edible cutlery also helps to increase the production of these grains.

You have an option of either eating the cutlery or simply throwing it away.  As these are biodegradable unlike plastic, it does not turn into a hazard to the environment as well.

Peespathy thought about the idea when he realized that the spoon he got from a restaurant seemed to be reused. He coupled this problem with the ever increasing environmental hazards of plastic to come up with this in genius solution.  He then founded Bakeys Food Pvt Ltd in 2011 and went on to produce the cutlery.

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