Food Destinations: Must Visit Food destinations in Kochi – Part 1

Seafood is a special in Ootupura

Kochi is hands down, one of the most attractive tourist destinations in India. While everyone has their own reason to visit, the delicious food of Kochi is something that transcends across all the interest groups.

With a plethora of food destinations to choose from, Kochi is heaven for foodies out there and that is why we have decided to make a list of the must-visit food destinations in Kochi. In the first part of the list, we take a look at a mix of some underrated destinations and some well-known ones.

Dhabas in Karukutty, Karukutty

Tandoori and Naan is a special

The highway that extends from Angamaly to Thrissur offers you with a lot of options and the best among the lot are the Dhabas in Karukutty. There is a string of Dhabas on both sides of the highway and almost all of them provide some delicious Punjabi cuisine. At the same time, the food is pretty economical and is ideal if you are eating on a budget.

Shibu’s puttu kada, Kumbalam

Shibu’s puttu kada

If you thought that Dhe Puttu was the only destination in Kochi for some delicious ‘Puttu’, think again. Shibu’s puttu kada, located at Kumbalam, is a cult food destination to enjoy the dish.

Puttu is served with either beef or Chicken

Puttu is usually served with Chicken or beef curry based on preference and to get the actual feel of the shop, it is best if you visit after midnight. It is an ideal location to hang out with friends at night and also, it’s a treat for the taste buds.

Ootupura, Airport-Kariyad Road

Seafood is a special in Ootupura

Ootupura is perhaps the least known food destination in this list. This is because; they barely have any other advertisement than the word of mouth. Ootupura, which is a staple for professionals and students in the airport area, specializes in lunch. The meal is available for a very cheap price but beats all its competition when it comes to the taste factor. Seafood specials are also a standout factor in Ootupura, which is addictive and mouthwatering. Also, be prepared to wait as it is usually crowded almost every day.

Mullapanthal Toddy Shop, Tripunithura

Mullapanthal Toddy Shop

If tasting the food from a Toddy shop was on your bucket list, Mullapanthal is the right place for you. Although the shop is known for its spicy menu which covers a wide range of non-vegetarian items and seafood, it also serves alcohol to cool down your system.

If you don’t want alcohol you can always have food

There is a special ambiance about the shop which cannot be missed and at the same time, it is not a place that will burn a hole in your pocket.

Kayees, Mattanchery


Leaving Kochi without tasting the Biriyani of Kayees is considered as a sin among the foodies. Kayees carries a rich history to show off and all of it was built on the unique taste of their Biriyani.

Biriyani at Kayees

You might experience long queues due to the immense popularity of the dish but the wait is going to be worth it from the first bite itself.

Tune into Cookbook for recipes, food destinations and more foodie fun.

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