5 Useful Food Hacks that you can do at home


Being a foodie comes with its problems. Sometimes, you end up in a messy situation just because you didn’t know the easy way out to do stuff and when it comes to food, the chances of things getting messy are pretty high. And that is where the food hacks comes in. When you know certain alternatives to the regular ways in which you treat your food, life gets a whole lot easier. And today, we are going to take a look at some of the food hacks that does just that.

For straight line cuts, used dental floss

Use floss to cut cakes

We always come across some big headaches when we try to cut cakes. Usually, the cake ends up breaking apart thanks to our skills, but if you want to avoid this and get straight line cuts, use dental floss instead of a knife. Stretch the floss and it cuts perfectly.

Use glass to peel the mango

Easy way to peel mangoes

Peeling away mango skin can take away some precious fruit along with it. To avoid this, after cutting the mango, keep a glass in between the mango skill and the actual mango. Apply some pressure and you’ll get some perfectly peeled mangoes.

To avoid crying while cutting onions

Freeze Onions before slicing

Getting your eyes irritated while cutting onions is a common theme. The hack for this is to keep the onion in the freezer at least 15 minutes before cutting so that the chemicals freeze.

To chill your beer fast

Wrap wet towel to cool fast

The most logical thing that most of us would do to chill beer fast is to keep them in the freezer. But this actually takes a lot of time and alternatively, you could wrap the bottle with a damp paper towel and then put them in the freezer.

Peeling Bananas, the monkey way

The monkey way

We usually peel the bananas from stem down. However, this can up being messy if the bananas are not ripe. So the fix, here is to peel bananas in the way that the Monkey do. Peel them from the other side. It works and gives a great feel.

Tune into Cookbook for more food recipes, hacks, and foodie fun.


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