Ice Cube Soup Bowls are the new thing


The way in which we eat has a lot to do with how much we enjoy the food. And the Tempura Matsu restaurant in Kyoto, Japan apparently knows this fact very well. They have come up with a new way of serving their food, and the idea is making all the foodies go crazy.

Ice Cube Soup Bowls

So if you are still wondering what the thing is, here goes: The restaurant is serving their stir-fried noodles inside ice cubes. You heard it right; Ice cube soup bowls is being used by the restaurant to serve soba noodles with quail eggs which is turning out to be a special now.

Someone posted the picture of this whole setting on Instagram and it has been spreading like wildfire ever since. Below are some of the photos that were shared on Instagram.

Ice Cube Soup Bowls

Looks great right? Well, this would be a good time to add Tempura Matsu into your foodie bucket list.

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