This is the best way to clean your Iron Skillets


Cleaning Iron Skillets can be a big headache for everyone. Although these Iron Skillets are pretty versatile and can help you to cook a wide range of food items, keeping them clean and seasoned is indeed a heavy task.

Potato and salt are used to clean the iron skillet

But there is a very surprising medicine for this headache: Potatoes.

You heard that right, potatoes is the ultimate weapon that you would need to keep your Iron skillet clean.

To clean: Take a potato and cut it in half. Take one-half in such a way that it fits into your palm. Sprinkle some salt onto the Iron skillet and place the flat side of the potato on the skillet. Scrub in a circular motion and once you feel that the pan is clean, you can rinse the pan with some water and pat dry.

Potatoes are a good way to clean the skillets

The combination of the carb-filled potatoes and the salt gives a perfect cleaning solution to the equipment which, otherwise projects a problem.

Another easy hack that you could do with the Iron skillet is seasoning. You can do this by simply pouring some oil into the pan and spreading it with a paper towel. Heat the pan in a preheated oven for an hour and wipe off the excess amount of oil that is left.

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