Which one is healthier: Pancakes vs. Fried Chicken

Pancakes vs. Fried Chicken
Pancakes vs. Fried Chicken

Which one is healthier is a series from Cookbook where we take two food items and see which one is healthier on the basis of various nutrient values. First, we had a comparison between Pizza and Hamburger after which we compared Pizza and Doughnuts. And now, we are going to pit two popular food items against each other. It’s going to be: Fried Chicken vs. Pan Cakes.


All the calculations will be done on a 100-gram sample so here goes. The Pan Cakes boasts around 227 calories when Fried Chicken has a calorie count of 246 calories. Although the difference is slim, Fried Chicken takes this round.

Winner: Fried Chicken

Total Fat

Fried Chicken, may be due to the fact that it is ‘fried’, carries more fat than Pancakes. Fat amount in Fried chicken is 12 grams when the amount of fat in pancakes is just 10 gram.

Winner: Pancakes


The protein content in the pancakes could consist up to 12 percent of the food which converts to 6 grams. Whereas, in fried chicken, the protein content is almost double this number and is 30 grams to be precise.

Winner: Fried Chicken


Although fried chicken has a high amount of protein in them, the carbohydrate content is considerably low at a value of 1.8 grams per 100 gram. The carbohydrate content in the pancakes is 28 grams, which is light years away from friend chicken.

Winner: Pancakes


The Cholesterol content should be low for a healthier food and from these two, the food item with a low value of cholesterol is Pancake. They have a cholesterol value of 59 mg when Fried chicken has cholesterol value of 89 mg.

Winner: Pancakes

Final winner: Pancakes take this match due to better cholesterol, carbohydrate, and fat values. Although Fried Chicken lost out, it’s safe to say that some pointers were decided only by a small margin.


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