Which one is healthier: Pizza vs. Doughnut


Comparing two food items is never easy but the process gets much easier if the comparison is done on grounds of healthiness. In the first post in the series, we compared between Hamburger and Pizza. Pizza came out winning with a slight advantage and this time around, we are going to put Pizza under the scanner once again and this time, it will be against Doughnut.

Doughnut vs. Pizza
Doughnut vs. Pizza

So Which food will win? You’ll have to read the below pointers to know that.


When it comes to calories per 100 grams, Pizza packs a calorie count of 266. This was good enough to beat hamburger as well. As far as Doughnut goes, it packs around 452 calories per 100 grams which means that Doughnut helps you give more energy when consumed.

Winner: Doughnut

Total Fat

Fat is something that we want to avoid so the food item with the least value will get the win in this category. Doughnut carries a fat of 25 grams per 100 gram when Pizza carries just 10 grams of fat making Pizza the winner in this one.

Winner: Pizza


Protein in our system is always a good idea. Doughnuts carry 4.9 grams of protein from a 100-gram sample when Pizza have 11 gram which is a whopping 22 percentage of the whole food. I think we all know who the winner here is.

Winner: Pizza


Carbohydrates are essential for people who wants to put on some weight and that’s why the food item with the higher value will get the win here. Pizza contains around 33 grams of Carbohydrates per 100 gram when Doughnut goes to a value of 51 gram.

Winner: Doughnut


Once again, the winner will be chosen based on cholesterol. Cholesterol should be low for a healthier food, in case you were having doubts. In this case, Doughnut has a cholesterol amount of 19 mg per 100 g when Pizza has a cholesterol value of 17 mg per 100 gram

Winner: Pizza

Final Winner: Thanks to superior performances in the categories like Cholesterol, proteins , and total fat, Pizza gets the win over doughnuts.

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