When a guy tipped £1 million on a £100 meal


Giving a tip after dinner is a common practice, but it’s not every day that you hear someone tipping £1 million on a £100 meal.


The incident took place at an Indian hotel in Inverurie, Scotland called Rajpoot Indian Restaurant and was actually a mistake from the diner.

The diner, who did not want to be named, along with his two friends had a three-course meal including drinks which came about £100

The diner, the went with the bill to the owner of the restaurant, Abdul Wahid, entered the million pound tip. Though the transaction failed initially, the diner phoned the bank and made sure that it went through by retrieving the confirmation code from the bank.

It was only when the card reader was returned to Wahid, that both of them realized the huge mistake. Diner immediately contacted his bank again and got his money back.

He then went on to pay the tip nevertheless but this time around, it was an amount which didn’t cause any headlines.

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