You will not guess what the super food of future could be


The Level of protein is a good way to understand whether a food is healthy for you or not. Higher the level, the more energy it gives, and this is why milk is considered to be one of the most popular food items out there (in case you did not know).

Cockroach milk could be the next big thing

While we know that there is a high amount of protein in the milk of cows and buffalo, the latest studies from the scientists of International Union of Crystallography have found that cockroach milk could be the super food of the future.

A protein crystal located in the milk of cockroaches that belong to the Diploptera punctate species is proven to be four times more nutritious than the buffalo milk.

And the best part is, these species of cockroaches are the only ones that produce milk as they give birth to their offspring.

Fortunately for us, scientists are already performing experiments to replicate the sequences in the milk so that we don’t have to start milking cockroaches to have our future super food.

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