Five food items that cause food poisoning


One of the worst nightmares of all the foodies out there is food poisoning. Although we have the urge to eat whatever we want and whenever we want, there is this looming fear about food poisoning that takes out stomach to an awkward situation.

If you have this syndrome and want to keep food poisoning away, think about avoiding the following food items.

Raw Oysters

Raw Oysters

Bill Marler, a Washington-based attorney who has spent the last two decades studying food poisoning cases says that the cases linked to Oysters has taken a huge spike in the past five years. He also suggests that the warming waters are the blame for the same.

Pre-cut fruits and vegetables

Pre-cut fruits and vegetables

The problem with pre-cut vegetables and fruit is that they get handled and processed more compared to uncut fruits or vegetables. Due to the same, the chances of contamination are high. Go to next page to read more:

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