This Guy made a Birthday Cake from Fast food items


Fast food might be a favorite of many foodies out there, but not many would’ve thought about the idea of making a cake out if it.

Milton Lai from Sydney, Australia has come up with a Birthday cake that is going to make you drool but at the same time, is going to give you an unhealthy nightmare.

This is because, unlike the regular birthday cakes, this one is made from fast food items like Burger, pizzas, fries and many others.

It all started with a foundation of Domino’s Pizza which is then topped with Chicken Nuggets from McDonald’s. Layers of McDonald’s cheeseburgers, fries, and KFC fried chicken are thrown into the mix to make the cake more interesting.

The Fast food cake

Lai decided to make this cake after being inspired by a KFC cake that his friend showed him on Instagram. And the cake was made for the birthday of this same friend.

“He turned 30 over the weekend and it was my duty to produce the real deal version,” Lai told to Mashable.

The cake which managed to feed 10 people cost around US$91.

You can find out how Lai made the cake in a step by step guide here.

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