Vendors running out of Food at Rio Olympic Venues

The entire world is excited about the on-going Olympic Games at Rio but apparently, the local food vendors are not having the best of times. Just four days into the grand event and the vendors are already running out of food at the venues.

People are experiencing huge lines at the venue as food and water supplies had run out. The same has evoked numerous complaints from the fans.

The organizing committee has promised to take a look into the situation.

 “Checking with the suppliers why the food is not enough. I haven’t been supplied with a final response; I also told them problems like these should be resolved, because it makes conditions really difficult,” A Rio 2016 organising committee spokesman said to Sydney Morning Herald.

Meanwhile, the organizing committee issued an apology as well regarding the long lines which goes as follows.

“We are fully aware of the problem and frustration. We requested that the relevant authorities increase the speed and effectiveness with which people could enter the park by ensuring that more employees work on the x-ray machines. Following improvements, the lines are now backing to normal. We appreciate the patience and understanding shown by fans.”

Vendors are claiming that suppliers failed to deliver at the correct time. Either way, not meeting the need of the fans is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.




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