The most expensive dining experience in the World gives you Diamonds at the end

Ce La Vi, which could be found on the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, has joined hands with Worlds of Diamond Company from Russia to offer what they call the “world’s most expensive dining experience.”

18-Course meal

The 18-course meal offers a wide variety of dishes which include oysters, pigeons, expensive wines and much more. But the biggest attraction is perhaps a personalized diamond studded chopstick that one could take home.

The chopsticks are worth $17,000 per pair are embedded with 4-carat diamond adds to the overall concept of being the world’s most expensive dining experience. And as you would have guessed already, it is also the world’s most expensive chopstick out there.

Apart from the chopsticks, the couples that sign up for the package will also get a 2-carat diamond ring which will have a rose-gold plated platinum band. The ring is named after actress Jane Seymour.

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