UK based company hiring paid interns for drinking Gin

Getting paid for doing what you love is a dream scenario for almost everyone. With this logic in place, for foodies, it would be a dream to get paid for eating (or drinking in this case).

And this is why the UK based ILoveGin is getting a mention here. They are currently hiring paid interns to taste-test new gins. ILoveGin is a monthly subscription based gin-club and they are connected with numerous gin brands across the United Kingdom.

Temporary position

The position, however, is not permanent and the chosen interns can only be there for six months. Also one will have to work only two days per week but since you get paid and free gin at the same time, it isn’t a bad deal after all is it?

The job is only currently open for UK residents with a valid driving license only and hopefully, the company might think about hiring from all over the world in the near future. No matter how many constraints they keep, it wouldn’t be hard to find employees for this job.

If you are a UK resident that is interested in getting the job, you can apply at the official website of ILoveGin which could be found here.

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