Belgium gets an underground beer pipeline thanks to the drinkers

We might be familiar with the underground pipelines out there laid out for gas or water. And now, we have an underground pipeline for beer.

De Halve Maan, a brewery in Bruges, Belgium has managed to lay down a two mile long underground pipeline. The pipeline  will connect the bottling plant and the brewery. In a first of its kind in the world, the beer pipeline was made possible thanks to a crowd funding campaign that the drinkers kicked off.

The Map
The map of the pipeline
The map of the pipeline

The drinkers raised a whopping amount of £3m to make the project possible.  The people that helped to build the pipeline will get a free bottle of beer every day.

Brewer Xavier Vanneste says that having such a pipeline would reduce the number of beer trucks around the city. Vanneste apparently did not want the beer trucks to damage the medieval city and this was the main motive of the whole idea.

The pipeline which was opened on 16th September has the capacity to pump 1060 gallons of beer on a hourly basis.

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